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Meet MaK


Hiii, so happy you're here. Welcome to Wellnesswithmak, my very own passion project filled with fresh, unique, and creative content. I'm MaKayla, the creator behind WWM. I am a 20 year old with a love for all things health, wellness, travel, lifestyle, and fitness! I grew up in New York, and have lived here throughout my entire childhood and early adult life. I recently graduated with an Associate's Degree in Science, and have completed my journey toward becoming a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am officially a certified holistic health coach- yay! At the age of 21, I am proud to say I now am taking on clients for part-time coaching, guiding others to heal themselves and build their happiest, healthiest life. Besides that, I hope to own my own acai + juice bar one day, based on the philosophy that health is the new wealth.


 I grew up a competitive dancer my whole life, but my true wellness journey launched when I was a senior in high school, and from there I’ve gain such a passion for health and fitness. I am the proud owner of @wellnesswithmak, where I showcase my love for the unique world of wellness, along with recipe development. My account was originally created as a safe space for myself; it was a way to keep myself accountable and as a space to showcase my healthy recipes, food photography, and fitness routines, outside of my camera roll. Eventually people found it, and now it has grown into an amazing space that I couldn't imagine my life without. I love creating new recipes, collaborating with brands I love, traveling to new cafes, spreading the importance of self care, and sharing my own journey through life. Through my roles as a health coach and wellness blogger, I hope to inspire others to live their happiest and healthiest life, along with advocate for the importance of holistic health, mental wellness, balance, self love, and self care.


I believe in creating a positive environment around food, looking at food as fuel, choosing balance not perfection, and being mindful about meeting your body's external and internal needs. My philosophy is grounded by the idea that we are all bio-individuals, and our health and lifestyle needs are not one size fits all.  

As much as I love recipe development, Wellnesswithmak is more about all that makes us well; what makes us feel alive, stay inspired, brings us joy, flourish, achieve our dreams. This extends far beyond the food on our plate. 

Thank you so much for visiting. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; you can view over 100 of my own carefully crafted recipes, read about the services I offer as a holistic health coach, order some of my small batch granola, and so much more. Perhaps Wellnesswithmak will ignite your own passions as well. 

xx, MaK

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