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About WWM 

Growing up passionate about wellness and curating recipes, myself, I wanted to expand my reach. So, that's when Wellnesswithmak was born! In particular, granola recipes have always been my favorite to curate; mostly from my my own obsession, but also because the opportunities are truly endless when it comes to granola. But, 9 out of 10 times, the granola we find on the store shelves are packed with, honestly, unnecessary ingredients. That's when I decided it was time to take things into my own hands, and bring granola back to it's simple roots; the way it always should have been! Once I started making granola for family and friends locally, I realized my homemade granola's were something special. 

Wellnesswithmak exists for the significant purpose of empowering others to be active consumers in today's world, along with create a positive environment around food; I strive to break down the barriers of balanced, healthy living, along with emphasize the philosophy that health is simply, wealth. As a brand, we believe happiness and ultimate health is achieved through balance; that's why Wellnesswithmak specializes in an indulgent snack, made with the cleanest ingredients out there. It's the best of both worlds! 

As owner of Wellnesswithmak, I personally care about what I put in my body, and I strive to carry those values over into my granola production; transparency is extremely important to Wellnesswithmak. That's why you can see through my packaging and through my process. It all circles back to the internal feeling of empowerment; when the food you consume makes you feel good, has a label you can clearly understand, and is packed with clean ingredients that doesn't cost you the flavor, it only makes sense to feel empowered; to know you are doing something good for your body, wellbeing, and tastebuds, for that matter.  

So, what is the purpose behind Wellnesswithmak's ingredients? All granola's are dairy free, refined sugar free, and Non GMO or Organic whenever possible. As an owner who values gluten free eating, we also carry gluten free granola flavors. Concurrently, you will never find a lick of added sugar in Wellnesswithmak granola; I believe in crafting indulgence with natural sweeteners, such as pure maple syrup or raw honey. This is because the added sugar simply is not needed, as many refuse to believe! Believe me, I get it. It was the way we were trained growing up and throughout most of our lives, but I am here to change that! With that said all nut butter used in production of granola are also all-natural, with no added ingredients; just nuts. I strive to bring granola back to basics and curate flavors to be simple, without taking away from the out-of-this-world flavor. Yes, it's really that good (read the reviews)!

Another value of Wellnesswithmak's is sustainability. I strive to use sustainable practices, utensils, and brands whenever possible. This ranges from reusable baking mats, to reusable, recyclable packaging. All granola is packaged in a reusable zip lock sealing pouch, made with safe, pollution free, environmentally friendly solid wood material. When you receive an order, whether through the mail or locally, you will notice I do not use fancy packaging; I reuse boxes and bags I receive my own packages in; this helps my brand be as sustainable as possible when it comes to packaging. So, when you're done with your granola (and are ready to buy some more!!), don't forget to hold onto your granola pouches to reuse in your kitchen.

I aspire to empower to you fuel your body in whichever way you see fit when it comes to living your healthiest, happiest life. I hope to make my mark and contribute to any lifestyle. That's what is so special about Wellnesswithmak granola; it is carefully crafted in small batches to fit into anyone and everyone's lifestyle, regardless of diet. Due to the bio-individuality of us as humans, I recognize and understand everyone is different. With that said, if you can't find a flavor your love, message me to customize your perfect granola. What are you waiting for? See what the hype's all about, place your order, and join the community! 

If you've made it this far, you're amazing. I want to personally thank you all for supporting my small business, passion project! You all mean the world to me.

               With love,
               MaKayla // Wellnesswithmak

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