April Favorites- Products I've Been Loving

Updated: May 6, 2020

#Ad Wow, what a month. This has been yet another crazy month, and I'm sure you all can agree! With all that's going on in the world, I haven't been able to keep track of my days; everyday just seems to flow right into the next. However, this extra time has allowed to me try new things, check things off my to-do list, and finally focus on some of my resolutions. By now, I'm content with where I'm at, and I feel like I have a good routine going for me; I've been closing my rings practically everyday, drinking way more water than ever before, finishing up my last semester of college, trying new recipes, watching new shows, and so much more. I also have been loving all the time I have for getting creative in the kitchen {I hope you guys are enjoying it too}! However, since I'm not really able to go out much and pick up things, I've truly established my at home essentials. This April Favorites includes my essentials in all things health, my recipes, food, skin care, fitness, lifestyle, kitchen, and more. To give you a sneak peak, this favorites features one of my new kitchen gadgets, that I never knew I needed; it’s the Zulay Kitchen Splatter Screen! This tool has been the best for sizzling foods on the skillet, such as cauliflower gnocchi and fajita veggies. Since we don't know how long this whole quarantine is going to last, hopefully this helps you out with some essentials you may be missing. For the most part, online ordering is still available. Even better, you may already have these things, but just need a little push to try it out!



Tone It Up App

If you haven't heard of the Tone It Up girls, you're seriously missing out! Not only do they have killer workouts, but they share healthy recipes and happen to be some of the sweetest women ever. I've recently been using their app for my at home workouts because they're quick and effective. Plus, there is so much to choose from on there. During this world crisis, their app is free, which I think is amazing!

MadFit Workouts

Another amazing girl for workouts and tips! I've been following Maddie's workouts on Youtube even prior to quarantine, but I use them now more than ever. I like how diverse her workouts are, along with how you can choose your intensity level and impact. She offers abs, cardio, HIIT, stretching, yoga, barre, and more. Not to mention, they're all around 10-30 minutes!

Yoga Towels

Continuing the at home workout theme, I've been using yoga towels a ton for my sweaty sessions. I found mine at TJ Max, but you can find them anywhere. They're the perfect size to pick up quick during a workout, and the material is so absorbing; one swipe and you're good. Once you can take classes on the go again, they're perfect for throwing in your gym bag!

Cotton On Cropped Tees

Okay...these tees are fire. I've been wearing these everyday for workouts or just chilling around the house. I love that they're light weight, but still durable. Not to mention, they are the perfect length; I'm not huge about having my entire stomach hang out, and these show the perfect amount, in my opinion. They also come in so many cute colors and patterns. Definitely a closet staple!


Purity Facial Moisturizer

This has been my ride or die moisturizer all month. I love the way it makes my skin feel and it's not thick; it almost melts into your face. Also, as the bottle says, it is truly "made simple," which I love. This is one of the only facial moisturizers that does not make my skin break out, considering I have very sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Hand Cream

Okay wow, this hand cream has changed my life. I've always struggled with chronic dry skin, no matter the time of year. Especially during this time with all the hand washing and sanitizing, this has been my life saver. I throw this on at night before bed, keep it on over night, and when I wake up my hands are transformed. I's definitely a thicker cream that you want to use when you don't have things to do, but it's key. My dermatologist also recommended it!