Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Welcome to my first ever holiday gift guide on my blog! This is my favorite time of year for so many reasons, but giving is definitely at the top of my list. There’s something so special about picking out gifts tailored to your loved ones' personalities, interests, and style. In this gift guide, I’ve separated the gifts into categories based on interest. This includes: self care, books, home, kitchen, fashion, fitness, and art/crafts. I also added a bonus, strictly male gift guide full of lots of unique gifts for the wonderful men in your life! Growing up with an older brother and father, along with buying gifts for my boyfriend the last 3 years, i’ve had some practice. Click on the underlined, blue title of each item to shop it! Hope you all enjoy and can pick out some special gifts for your friends and family this year, with a little help from me. All products linked from amazon are found through my amazon storefront, which includes lists of additional favorites of mine in every category of life. I do receive a small commission if you shop through my amazon storefront, so thank you in advance if you choose to do so. Your support means so much. Happy Holidays, my loves!


The Self Care Lover:

Jade Roller + Gua Sha duo:

This self care set is perfect any one of any age because of it's diverse benefits. This duo works to help stimulate circulation, relax facial muscles, encourage lymphatic drainage, draw away toxins from the face, reduce inflammation, help prevent wrinkles and fine lines, and detoxify your face. It's such a fun tool for someone who is into self care, and perfect as a stocking stuffer!

Native Deodorant:

Another great stocking stuffer! For those that love high quality self care, this is the winner. Native deodorants are aluminum free, vegan & cruelty free, and packed with the highest quality ingredients. Plus, their scents are amazing! Everyone loves a good deodorant. Thinking you won't get it in time if you order? Snag it at your local target!

NuMe 32mm Curling Wand:

Whether you or your loved one curl hair on the daily or for special occasions, this is the perfect curling wand for loose, naturally beautiful curls. Plus, you can get this wand for under $100. It's great quality, and comes with a heat resistant styling glove. From my experience, a glove is necessary. Just make sure you select the 32mm option for perfect curls!