Jersey City/Hoboken Food Guide~ The Must Hit Spots

For those that missed it, I’m in a long distance, college relationship. My boyfriend and I live only a few minutes down the street at home, but he spends the majority of September-May at college in Jersey City, New Jersey. What that essentially means is that I have two homes: my house and his college apartment. So, this gives me just one more reason to explore another fun town {one of my fave things to do}. I love finding cute cafes and casual date spots, taking in the breathtaking views of the NYC skyline, hunting down all the best smoothie bowl and dessert spots, and so much more. Due to my frequent travels by train to Jersey City, I decided to throw together a food guide to all things Jersey City and Hoboken. Let me tell you, I’ve done a lot of exploring over the last three years, and this area gets better and better every time: it has SO MUCH to offer. In this guide you’ll find my must visit spots for coffee shops, pizza, trendy cafes, date nights, desserts, smoothie bowls, vegan food, and so much more! At the end, I highlight my top picks and a little bit about why I love them.



Coffee/Matcha: Tosti Cafe Bluestone Lane BWE Kafe Hidden Grounds Coffee

Cute Healthy Breakfast/Lunch Cafes: Bluestone lane Tosti Cafe La Bouche Best Pizza: Artichoke Basilles Grimaldi’s Panello Desserts:    Carlos Bakery Thomas Icecream

Best v/gf Dessert: Honeygrow GFG Bakery Cafe

Best Smoothie Bowls: Acai Ya Later Playa Bowls Shaka Bowls Jungle Juice Hoboken

Date Night: Grand Vin Blue Eyes Restaurant Panello Sorellina

Bakeries: Carlos Bakery Choc o Pain Baking Mama

Most v/gf friendly: HoneyGrow Bareburger Quality greens kitchen NYC Views: Battello Blue Eyes Restaurant Ainsworth Hoboken



Bluestone Lane

Hidden Grounds Coffee

The Grind Shop

BWE Kafe

Lackawanna Coffee

Cute Healthy Breakfast/Lunch Cafes:

Bluestone Lane The Cliff Frankie Square 1 Short Grain OhLaLa Cafe

Best Pizza: Tony Boloneys Razza Dozzino Porta

Dessert: Milk Sugar Love Bang Cookies Torico Ice Cream Ample Hills Creamery

Best Smoothie Bowls:

Sweetberry Bowls

Shaka Bowls

Date Night:

Orale Mexican Kitchen

Lokal Jersey City

Hudson & Co.


Cocos Bakery

Dulce De Leche Bakery

Prato Bakery

Most v/gf friendly:




NYC Views:

Lokal Eatery

Hudson & Co.

Cafe Hudson



Bwe Kafe

Very small coffee shop on the main strip in Hoboken, but one of the cutest around! They have a great selection of drinks- from all things coffee, to matcha lattes. You‘re almost guaranteed to catch a line, but it’s worth the wait!

Bluestone Lane

My favorite healthy cafe to exist, and this is perfectly located on the Jersey City waterfront, overlooking the NYC skyline! Not only is the aesthetic a dream, but the food selection is amazing. They have everything- from matcha lattes and gluten free banana bread, to avocado toast and granola parfaits. This is a must!


What a cozy pizza spot! My boyfriend and I came here for our Valentines dinner and loved everything about it. It’s small and intimate, but the quality of the food is outstanding. The owners stem from Culinary backgrounds and are highly experienced in making wood fired sourdough pizza. If you love wood fired pizza, this will be your jam!

Carlo's Bakery

What a classic! Any other Cake Boss fans out there? If so, this is a must hit spot- this is the main Hoboken location, so you are likely to see many members of the family working and even Carlo himself! If you go, you must get a slice of the chocolate cake. You'll thank me later.