My July Favorites!

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Wow, can anyone else believe it’s just about August? I don’t know if it’s just me, but this summer has flown by— I know we say that every year, but I'm talking more than it usually does. Well, that just means we’ve gotta make the most of August; slow down, be present, stay mindful, and soak in the moments. You with me? Plus, it’s almost Virgo season… where are all my fellow virgo‘s at?

Alright, enough with the questions. To get to the point— here are my favorites for the month of July! I‘m so excited for this collection of favorites because they’ve all contributed to one of the best months yet; I feel so in tune with myself and content with my routine, space, and lifestyle. I typically share a lot of these favorites over on my Instagram stories, but I felt this would be easier to navigate and more fun to shop. Below i’ll be sharing my favorites in all things wellness, home, fashion, skincare, food, and more. Grab your popcorn (I love LesserEvil btw) because this is gonna be a good one!

*Some links (typically accompanied by a code) are affiliate links, meaning I may make a small percentage if you shop through that link. These links are to brands/products that I love, support, use in my everyday life, and think you’ll love too. So, thank you in advance for supporting me while saving on your purchase, too.*




Rmdy Daily Digest- I don’t know where to start with Rmdy— this supplement has changed my life. Rmdy daily digest is a chewable that contains digestive enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, and anti bloat ingredients; it’s an all in one game changer. I love taking mine before a meal to help digest my food properly, help eliminate post-meal discomfort, and keep my digestive system on track. I have to add that these little chewables are sooo tasty— like addicting. The gut is a sensitive place that impacts many other aspects of our body, and Rmdy supports this with clean, science backed ingredients. Everyone’s gut is very different, but I highly recommend trying this out for overall gut/digestive wellness. Use code “MAKAYLA20” to save!

Stunn Collective AM+PM - I’ve been taking these supplements for a few months now, but I just got back on my grind this month and remembered just how much I love them. Stunn supplements focus on ultimate skincare and beauty coming from within, along with how mental wellness plays a role in this. Their the kind of supplement that makes you feel empowered! The am and pm both target different things, but some benefits include: reducing stress, boosting mood, hydrating skin, boosting collagen, promoting healthy sleep, and strengthening elasticity. With the AM, I notice such a shift in my mood and glow in the morning. As for the PM, I always sleep great after taking it before bed. They also embody the beauty-mind-gut collection, which I love. It’s an all in one, made with clean ingredients and no bs. Use code “MAKAYLA20” to get yours and elevate your routine! Proudly #stunnambassador.

Fresh Eucalyptus- Gonna keep this one short and sweet— add some fresh eucalyptus to your space! It’s high in antioxidants, promotes relaxation, and smells lovely. I hang mine in the shower.

Bala Bangles- I was eyeballing these little guys for awhile, and I’m so glad I went for it. I love using these as a light weight when doing pilates or even a long walk. They’re great for gradual toning of the arms, but also work great as ankle weights; focusing more on reps than weight. Perfect for on the go, too!

Cacti Wellness App- An app designed for all things wellness? Yup, it’s amazing. The Cacti Wellness app has everything from guided meditations and workouts, to tips for productivity and breath work. I love showing myself some self love and dedicating time for my self care with the app. You can save your favorite videos and exercises to your library for easy access to your self care. Use code “WELLNESSWITHMAK” for 1 free month of Cacti Membership, on top of the free trail! Available to download in the appstore. Btw, my favorite is the walking meditation.

Thinkladder App- This is the mental wellness app of your dreams. I love the mission behind this app/brand— it’s based on cognitive behavior therapy, designed to help you become more self aware, evaluate your beliefs, find clarity, and inhibit growth. You focus on a belief that’s holding you back and it offers you with personalized insights to help you move forward and shift your mindset. I’ve been exploring perfectionism and body image beliefs. It also has a ton of journal and gratitude prompts to start your day with. Plus, it’s free in the app store!

Tasha Franken Pilates- A huge part of wellness is movement. I’ve come to love low-impact movements, such as pilates. I also have grown to love short workouts, so I love completing some of Tasha’s pilates workouts off Youtube. My favorite is her 7 Min Arms, and I kid you not, I have seen tremendous results from this— both in strength and arm definition. It’s super quick and suitable for all levels/ages!

Elix Healing Herbal Treatment- Oh, how I love my Elix Healing treatment. I'm gonna be honest, I fell off my Elix grind for a bit as I was navigating a shift to an all natural cycle. But, I'm so happy to be back. Elix is all about a holistic approach to helping your menstrual cycle. As i’ve grown older, this has become much more important to me. How it works is you take a menstrual health assessment, and Elix designs a tincture filled with botanicals that holistically health your menstrual symptoms by treating the hormonal imbalances that cause them. How do they do this? With ingredients, based on Ancient Chinese Medicine that are organic and ethically sourced, made with raw herbs, backed by science, and free of alcohols and toxins. My tincture was designed to focus on the inflammation that causes my menstrual symptoms. Take the quiz to get your personalized tincture, and use code “WELLNESSWITHMAK15” for 15% off.



Cocokind Daily SPF- If best friends could be in SPF form, this would be it; I don’t go a day without my spf (and neither should you)! Applying sunscreen daily is CRUCIAL; we need to protect are skin, and especially from a young age. I personally love Cocokind SPF because it’s mineral-based, affordable, clean, and sustainable. It’s also fragrance free and doesn’t leave a greasy look on your face! If you haven't checked out their Instagram for skincare tips, runs. Use code “MAKAYLA10” for 10% off all of Cocokind.