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*Below you will find an affiliate link to my Amazon Storefront. This storefront features all my favorite Amazon staples, ranging from grocery, fitness, lifestyle, home, books, everyday, and self care. Each category is organized in it's own, individual list, and you can add the items to your cart directly from my list.
My Amazon Storefront
Discount Codes


*Below is a list of discount codes my favorite brands have given me to share with my users! All codes I share are with brands I trust and use in my everyday life. Some codes are solely for the benefit of my users, and some do support me. By clicking on the bold, underlined link, you are shopping through my affiliate link. Thank you in advance if you shop through my links & codes*


15% off code: MAKAYA15

Butterfly Superfoods

30% off code: wellnesswithmak

Stunn Collective

20% off code: MAKAYLA20

Plant X

15% off: wellnesswithmak15


20% off code: MAKAYLA20


10% off code: MAKAYLA10

Nuzest Protein

15% off code: wellnesswithmak


20% off code: MAK20


2 for $24 leggings when you sign up for VIP.

Public Goods 

15% off code: MAKAYLA15PGA

Elix Healing 

15% off code: wellnesswithmak15

Jojo's Chocolate 

10%b off code: wellnesswithmak10

Daily Harvest 

$25 off your first box: wellnesswithmak

Zulay Kitchen 

10% off code: wellnesswithmak10

Abby's Better

15% off code: wellnesswithmak15

D'vash Organics 

30% off code: MaKayla30

Georgia Grinders 

20% off code: wellnesswithmak


5% off code: wellnesswithmak

Amazon Prime Student 6-month Free Trial:

affiliate link

Intention Protein:

affiliate link

Rise Brewing:

affiliate link

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